Joining MSHHRA is one of the best decisions you'll make today! The educational and networking opportunities are phenomenal and very worth the membership dues.  We're looking forward to having you join our professional group!

Membership Enrollment is Now!  Membership Dues $75

Active (General) membership in the Society will be open to those individuals who are operationally or administratively responsible for the human resources function within a Missouri Hospital, or to any person performing a specialized human resources function within a Missouri Hospital which requires advanced education and/or training. Active members may hold office and are eligible to vote.

Associate membership in the Society will be open to those persons who are responsible for the management function of a department in, or a corporate officer of, a healthcare facility. Associate members will not have voting privileges.

Honorary membership in the Society shall consist of individuals who are former practitioners in the field of human resources management and are deemed by the membership to contribute in a special way to the Society's proceedings. To be an honorary member, the individual must have been a member of MSHHRA for at least five years. An honorary member does not pay dues and does not have voting privileges.

If you are interested in joining MSHHRA, please feel free to contact Jill Williams, Vice President of Workforce Development, Missouri Hospital Association at for more information.

Click on the following link to access the online membership application.